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Wireless Mini Spy Camera 📹 50% OFF NOW! 📹

Wireless Mini Spy Camera 📹 50% OFF NOW! 📹

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Wireless Mini Spy Camera


Mini Size With Great Function
WiFi Connection Suitable for Different Places

mini spy camera

product size

Power Supply Methods

Built-in Rechargeable Battery.
The camera can be powered differently.
Each time fully charge the camera can work around 90min (default mode), use a power bank or power adapter can greatly extend the working time.


Easy Installation

Easy to Install the Camera to Different Places, Magnetic bracket! It can be installed in many places.


WiFi Connect

After setup the camera to the network, you can take out your phone and remote view the video when you are outside, as long as the network is connected, you can remote view even in a different city, different country!

wifi connection

Access Point Connection

No WiFi network? Use the Ap mode to connect the camera, the camera will create a signal, after your phone connects this signal then you can directly control the camera and view the video in a short distance. 

ap connection

the camera support an Ap connection, which is the camera will create a signal, when your phone connects to this signal, the phone will directly connect to the camera, without an Internet network needed.

Under this mode, you can personalization the camera and let it recording by itself. This connect is only for short distance connect, when you leave the area, your phone will be lost the camera signal and disconnect, but the camera will still remain to record.

You can plug in a power bank (not included in the package) to support the camera power. In this way, the camera can work for a longer time.

Sound Recording

Microphone only, no speaker, only record sound will not make camera sound. Super quiet!
Built-in Microphone Function Allow you to Listen to the Sound.

sound record

Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision Monitoring, you can watch the video clearly even at nighttime. 

night vision

Video Recording

After Plugin the micro sd card, you can start to record the video.

video record

Motion Detection

After the network connection, if you turn on the motion detection function, if someone breaks in the monitor area, you can get an alarm message notification.



  • Fast Connection
  • Support micro SD card for video and picture storage
  • High image & video quality.
  • Allow remote by Phone
  • Mobile Monitor: iPhone(App Store), Android
  • Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards
  • Support Motion detection alarm, Local alarm
  • Note: No Support Mac computer/ No support IE, Chrome other browser views/ no support NVR, not support 5Ghz network.


  • Kit 1: Camera default package

  • Kit2: Camera and 16GB sd card

  • Kit3: Camera and 32GB sd card

  • Kit4: Camera and 64GB sd card